ERETBO S.A. was founded in 1989 with headquarters in Athens and project construction as its primary activity. In 2002 the company was strengthened by absorbing the technical companies IASON TECHNICAL S.A. and ESPEROS TECHNICAL S.A. Shortly after, its activities expanded and the Group was created with its participation in the companies: ETBO S.A., TEN S.A., ATOE S.A., FILIMON S.A., TINCO S.A. and EFTERPIS STATION S.P.E. 

The Group’s central headquarters are located in a self-owned building in the center of Athens in T. Filimonos 15, Ampelokipi, and its storage facility is located in a self-owned land in Markopoulos, Oropos. 

The Group trades in all public and private construction project sectors, as well as, in building and infrastructure maintenance and facility management, in real estate development and public private partnerships. The continuous and long-term activity of the Group in the field, in combination with the expertise and technical knowledge of its members, allows for the ability to obtain and carry out complex and large scale project, such as road networks, hospitals, hydraulic networks, sports facilities.

The scope of the Group is the strengthening of its position in the construction sector, the continuous evaluation and improvement of the processes it implements, the achievement of an excellent result in the projects it takes upon, and the expansion of its activities in other sectors as well as in an international level.