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The President Georgios Romosios in his capacity as President of PEDMEDE with his letter to Prime Minister, highlights the dramatic situation which all the enterprises of the construction industry are facing (from the individual up to large) and calls for an initiative that will prevent the complete destruction of businesses and consequently the employees' families. Other publications followed in the Greek press. A new open letter will follow from the President to the Contractors in the industry. See attached letter and related articles.
Under the General Assembly of FIEC in Brussels, the President Georgios Romosios in his capacity as President of PEDMEDE, he met with the European Commission President Jean Claude Juncker. Mr. Romosios represented Greece at the General Assembly and the Congress of FIEC, which was opened by the President of the European Commission, Mr. Jean Claude Juncker, attracting the spotlight.
The Deputy Minister of Culture Mr. Nikos Xudakis visited the under construction project of the Group, Acropole Palace, in order to update on the progress of the project.
The Joint-Venture "DOMOTECHNIKI S.A. - ERETBO S.A. - ETBO S.A." signed a contract for the implementation of the project "Remaining Works at Skarfia - Lamia - Raches of PATHE Motorway" which was held by the Ministry of Infrastructure, Transport and Networks/General Secretariat of Public Works/EYDE PATHE Motorway. The project's value is 18.000.000,00 € VAT included and it's duration is 14 months.
The Group company, ERETBO SA, signed a contract for execution of the project "Repair and maintenance services of electromechanical facilities buildings - the new complex, the old building (Sanatorium) and psychiatric clinic" in the General Hospital of Lamia. The project's value is 560.000,00 € VAT included and its duration is 12 months.
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