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The Group company, ERETBO SA, signed a contract for execution of the project "Repair and maintenance services of electromechanical facilities buildings - the new complex, the old building (Sanatorium) and psychiatric clinic" in the General Hospital of Lamia. The project's value is 560.000,00 € VAT included and its duration is 12 months.
ERETBO S.A. and ETBO S.A. participated in the Joint-Venture "JV DOMOTECHNIKI S.A. - ERETBO S.A. - ETBO S.A." at the competition "Remaining Works at Skarfia - Lamia - Raches of PATHE Motorway" which was held by the Ministry of Infrastructure, Transport and Networks/General Secretariat of Public Works/EYDE PATHE Motorway and emerged as the lowest bidder with discount of 38,46%. The project's value is 18.000.000,00 € VAT included and it's duration is 14 months.
The legal entities union “ERETBO S.A. – DOMOSPORT S.A. – EGNON S.A.”, in cooperation with German companies, has been preselected for waste management PPP projects in Grammatiko (Attika County), Kerataia (Attika County), Patra (Axaia County) and Epirus County. The second phase is currently underway.
ERETBO S.A. participated in the legal entities union “ERETBO S.A. – DOMOSPORT S.A.” and in cooperation with German companies in the PPP tender “Design, financing, construction, maintenance, facility management and operation of the waste management facilities for the East Macedonia & Thrace Region”, which was tendered by the Municipality of Alexandroupolis.
The joint venture “ERETBO S.A. – TOXOTIS S.A.” signed a contract for the implementation of the project “Irrigation System of Eastern Vistriza in Municipality of Fthiotida”, with a budget of 23.646.959,05 € VAT included. The duration of the project is 30 months.
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